Thursday, July 28, 2011

Makeup Mavens- The Magic 8 Ball Post!

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Makeup Mavens present makeup you might have missed. This week we posted about Tarte Cosmetics, the allure of false eyelashes, and posed a valid question about SPF in our makeup - are we really getting enough?  

Now that we are in the full swing of summer, 12 top summer essentials were toted by Jenn of HopelesslyDevoted to Makeup. See if your "must haves" for battling crippling heat and unbearable humidity made the cut? 

Jennifer of Lipstick Luvvies did some treasure hunting and uncovered some "hidden gems" found at Zuneta! This post will tempt you into placing a Zuneta order for sure. 

Tarte Cosmetics managed to catch the "eye" of Christina from Lovesong for My Lipgloss and she was kind enough to swatch them al for us! Do any of these calls call your name? 

In this captive post, Mookie On The Bench, raises a great question about relying on SPF in our makeup. 
Product Doctor finally got to sample Burberry Beauty and she was not disappointed! Take a peek at what she ended up walking away with plus a gift with purchase too - Score!   
RaspberryRouge shows us the Becca bronzer that has been logging the miles since the beginning of summer for her.  Doesn't she have the most gorgeous complexion?  

The Black Panties shows us her go-to eye lashes when she wants to be the spotlight of attention. Are you a fan of false eyelashes yourself? After seeing her wearing these lashes, I'm a fan *swoon*.  

I hope everyone is having a terrific summer! I will be taking a break from blogging to enjoy and focus my attention on some summer festivities. I'm currently potty training my daughter, will be celebrating my 10 year anniversary!!!, will be going on vacation out-of-state, planning a 2 year-olds birthday party sure to delight, and have family visiting from out-of-state. Phew, there is no rest for the weary as you can tell! I'll announce the winner of the Le Metier De Beaute creme fresh tint on August 11th as planned! Be sure to enter if you haven't already.    

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Makeup Mavens

The Makeup Mavens present makeup you may have missed. This week there are delectable delights from the likes of By Terry, Hourglass, Le Metier De Beaute, a post high-end brushes, and one Maven even dabbles in bridal makeup (with amazing results). 

For all my taupe homies, look no further than u-taupe-ia aka Hopelessly Devoted To Makeup review on the epic purple taupe better known as Rouge Bunny Rouge's 'Delicate Hummingbird'.

I know we are always on the hunt for that perfect luxurious, vibrant pink lipstick. Look no further because Lipstick Luvvies is in love with By Terry's Cherry Cherry lipstick. Talk about stopping traffic *wink*

Lovesong for My Lipgloss is really adoring her new travel companion, which is Hourglass Illume Cream to Powder Bronzer Duo. I must say, the stuff looks pretty awesome :D

Bridal makeup is definitely always something we want to perfect since we all want to look awesome on our wedding day. It's no surprise that Mookie On The Bench has some great ideas on what items to use and it's a bonus to see her skills in action.

Looking for an amazing concealer and treatment in one? Product Doctor is smitten with Le Metier de Beaute's Peau Vierge Corrector and see what a difference it has made for her skin.

It's July and it's always nice to find pretty, very luminous bronzy highlighter that gives a soft warmth to your cheeks. If you're in the market for one, check out to see if it really is Raspberry Rouge's alternative to Dior Amber Diamond.

Since The Black Panties always afraid of warm palettes, she has decided to step outside her comfort zone and take the plunge on my first Suqqu Blend Color Eyeshadow in #5 Sakurakaba.

Enjoy the remaining weekend and stay cool everyone! 

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Chanel Topkapi EOTD, Swatches and Review

So I'm about to commit a beauty blogger cardnial sin...I bought Chanel's Regard Signe De Chanel Topkapi Eye Quad and my reaction? Meh. That's it, I've got nothing else for you, I paid $65.00 + tax and then in my angst to get my Chanel fix as quickly as possible paid an additional $15 for expedited shipping on top of that. Now,  I don't know about you but for $80.00 USD I expect love and I just am not feeling the love.

This is how Chanel describes this quad:

"Beloved by Mademoiselle Chanel, the opulence of Byzantine art served as muse for this quartet of creamy powder eyeshadows. Copper, taupe, gold and bronze, touched with shimmer and light, create mesmerizing effects. Limited Edition."

Pretty tempting, huh?

I think if you have a well stocked makeup drawer full of taupes, browns, and golds this quad is easily forgettable. I also was not pleased with the fall out factor from the gold shadow. As a tip, always start with your eye makeup first, then apply the rest of your "face" so if you do experience fall out, it will not disrupt the rest of your makeup.

The shadows are extremely soft and blendable (this is Chanel after all) and the taupe is really pretty. I'm a taupe lover and I get it. I just am still bitter at the paying $80.00+ for a taupe shadow Chanel, or no Chanel.

This item is listed as back ordered on and I really don't know if they will be getting more quads in or not at this point. Hopefully,  I can feel a resurgence of love for this quad in the coming weeks. 

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My makeup brush collection

I'll start by saying that I was tagged by the alluring Delicate Hummingbird to do a post on my makeup brushes. I'll divide them up by brand. You can see how I store my brushes here, enough of the chit chat onto the pictures!

My Trish McEvoy makeup brush collection consist of :

From top to bottom:
#11 Precise Eye Lining $25.00 USD
#45 Sheer Application $35.00 USD
Brow Groomer $14.00 USD
#6 Deep Eye Contour Brush $32.00 USD
#29 Tapered Blending $32.00 USD
#40 Medium Laydown $42.00 USD
#48 Blending Brush $46.00 USD
2B Sheer Blush $48.00 USD
Powder Brush $52.00 USD
#23 Angled Creased Contour $32.00 USD

My Le Metier De Beaute Brush collection consists of:

From top to bottom:
Blush Brush $55.00USD
Large Concealer Brush $50.00 USD
Angled Foundation Brush $50.00 USD
Eye Shadow Brush #1 $40.00
Eye Crease Brush #1 $45.00 USD

I have one Burberry Brush and that is:

Burberry Beauty Brush (kabuki) $52.00 USD

My Edward Bess Brush collection consists of:

From top to bottom:
Luxury Face Brush (kabuki) $56.00 USD
Luxury Eye Brush $40.00 USD

My MAC Cosmetic's  Brush Collection consists of:

From top to bottom:
#150 Large Powder Brush $42.00 USD
#190 Foundation Brush $32.00 USD
#109 Small Contour $32.00 USD
#227 Large Fluff Brush $30.00 USD
#195 Concealer Brush $22.50 USD
#182 Buffer Brush (kabuki) $47.00 USD not pictured
#224SE Tapered Blending Brush  $29.00 USD
#275 Medium Angled Brush $24.50 USD
#230 MAC PRO Brush (I couldn't find a price, sorry)
#236 Shader Brush (I couldn't find a price on this either because it has been discontinued)
#204 Lash Brush $12.00 USD
#217 Blending Brush $22.50 USD
#219 Pencil Brush $24.50 USD

I have one Laura Mercier Brush:

Secret Camouflage $26.00 USD

What is your all-time favorite brush? 

Monday, July 18, 2011

An Introduction To Le Metier De Beaute's Fall/Winter Releases for 2011

I know when I think of fall I conjure up images of leaves changing colors, pumpkin patches, and  curling up by a fire sipping hot chocolate (brimmed full with marshmallows naturally). Autumn is hands down my favorite time of the year. I adore the cooler temperatures, the warmth of a sweater, and the deeper color palette fall lends itself too. I always look forward to fall cosmetics and this year is no exception. Le Metier was kind enough to give me press images of their spectacular fall/winter releases to share with you my readers! After drooling over these images am I the only one sad that it's not even Labor Day yet? I know I will be first in line to try out some of these what are sure to be sure fire successes at the cosmetic counter.

Starting with the Bordeaux Collection - a collaboration between the makeup geniuses of Le Metier and Neiman Marcus' Fashion Director, Ken Downing (I wonder how many of you are sporting his iconic Kontagious Koral's as I type this?) part 2.  Check out these wine inspired matching lip sticks and nail lacquers each set will cost $49.00.   

Ken Red My Lips (lip stick),  Gypsy Rose Me (nails)

Ken's Wine on the Vine (lip stick), Ken's Bodacious Bordeaux (nail polish) 

I'm Worn This Way (lip stick),  Vintage Ken (nails) 
Shh, if you listen really carefully you will hear all three of those nail lacquers calling my name! These will be available in September. 

Next up is their fall/winter collection slated to hit stores in late August! You can already see that some lucky ladies have had the pleasure of seeing these beauties first hand, such as Perilously Pale , The Black Panties and Messy Wands be sure to check out their blogs for more information.  

The Silk Road Kaleidoscope Eye Kit

The East Meets West Nail Lacquer Collection

The Empress Kaleidoscope Lip Kit 

The suggested retail price for each kaleidoscope is $95.00 and the suggested retail price for nail polishes are $10.00 each. Raise your hand if you are as excited for this collection to hit stores as I am? Now if you excuse me, I'm going to go will the summer away.  

*All images courtesy of Le Metier De Beaute*

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Makeup Mavens Round 6

Hottest age
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The Makeup Mavens present makeup you may have missed. This week there are delectable delights from the likes of Chanel, Shiseido, Le Metier De Beaute, Chantecaille and Becca. One Maven shares an interesting post on the link between beauty blogs and spending habits and another offers you the chance to win yourself a gorgeous cream blush.

Want to win yourself some Le Metier De Beaute? Hop on over to Hopelessly Devoted to Makeup for a chance to win a beautiful Poppy Creme Fresh Tint.

Are beauty blogs bad for the wallet? Lipstick Luvvies shares her thoughts on the subject this week, so pop on over to her blog to find out if they are friend or foe to the bank balance.

Lovesong for My Lipgloss introduced us to the newest additions in the Chantecaille range, Poudre de Perle and a new Compact Soleil shade. Check out her gorgeous swatches of Biwa and St. Barth's.

Are shimmery, coppery shadows your thing? If so, you need to visit Mookie On The Bench for a brilliant review on Shiseido's Hydro Powder Eye Shadow in Tiger eye.

Product Doctor fell in love with Chanel's limited edition Topkapi palette. Check out her swatches of the silvery taupe, gold and rich browns and you'll see why.

Raspberry Rouge discovered Becca's long lasting Eye tint's and shared a review and swatches of Baroque, a foolproof soft brown shade.

The Black Panties got to play with Le Metier De Beaute's Silk Road Eye Kaleidoscope. Head on over to see some beautiful swatches of gorgeous plums, purples and chocolate-y shades.

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend! Today, was my birthday and I had a splendid day with my family. I had a little pampering and makeup buying thrown in the mix for good fun! 

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Take a Peek Inside My July Birchbox

So I received my first ever Birchbox yesterday in the mail and I was quite excited to tear into the box to reveal it's secret contents! I'm usually not one for surprises but I specifically avoided reading any posts on July's Birchbox because I didn't want the surprise to be spoiled. So if you are expecting a Birchbox and have yet to receive yours and you want to keep the contents secret exit out of this post now! *warning spoiler alert...*

Inside was a card describing all the contents featured inside, this month was extra special because Birchbox teamed up with esteemed fashion designer Cynthia Rowley by having her share with all of us some of her all-time favorites.

Here is what was included inside my July Birchbox:

  • Ahava Mineral Hand Cream Loaded with Dead Sea minerals, this fast-asorbing cream heals dry hands without a smidge of residue. 3.4 oz. $20

  • philosophy purity made simple one-setp facial cleanser - This perennial award-winner is pH-balanced to gently clear away dirt, oil, and makeup without drying out skin. 8 oz. $20, 16 oz. $32

  • Redken shine flash - A must-have for all of Cynthia Rowley's runway shows, a weightless spray that imparts brillant shine. 4.4 oz. $17

  • Zoya Touch Collection Nail Polish in Shay - Neutral gets a sexy makeover in this creamy, slightly metallic nude. It's being touted as the perfect accessory to summer's bright fashions. 0.5 fl oz. $8

  • Extra Kind Almond & Apricot - Snack right with this wholesome bar- no perservatives or hard to pronounce ingredients.  Cynthia chose this snack bar because she says they are her favorites and you would be hard pressed not to find one in one of her bags at any given time. 

I don't know how this month's box stacks up to previous months, since this is my first I have nothing to compare it to, but I was overall happy with the contents. I especially like that this way I am forced to step out of my comfort-zone and am introduced to products that I would not normally gravitate towards. That to me is worth the $10.00 I paid for it per month.  I think if you are open to trying new products by having receiving samples and like to be surprised then Birchbox is right up your alley. I know I am already looking forward to August's Birchbox! 

A closeup of the Zoya Nail Polish in Shay 
For more information feel free to peruse the Birchbox website and sign up. 

Are you a Birchbox subscriber? 

Friday, July 15, 2011

12 Top Summer Essentials

I am not a fan of the heat, so summer is a struggle for me - is it October yet? I want to delve into all the fall makeup collections that have been popping up on beauty blogs. Alas, it's only mid-July so I rely on certain products to get me through the heat and the dog days of summer. I thought I would share (I'm thoughtful like that) my most relied upon products to help me stay beautiful despite oily hair, shiny skin, and stinky arm pits (sorry but I had to go there)!

Summer MVP's - Most Valuable Products
  • BIC Soleil Sensitive Skin Razors - This is my go to razor when shaving. I think the fact that is comes in a cheerful sunny array of colors is a bonus. 

  • The Art of Shaving Pre Shave Oil - I rub this on areas that are prone to knicks with a razor like my knees and around my ankle to stave off cuts. 

  • Tend Skin Ingrown Hair Solution - When wearing tank tops we expose our armpits more and no one wants to see razor bumps. Tend Skin truly has eliminated razor bumps from my life - can I get a hip, hip hooray? 

  • Oil absorbing papers - powder can be essential but I prefer blotting papers to not clog my pores while still fighting shine. 

  • Dove Prescription Strength Deodorant - this is a no-brainer that we sweat more during June, July, and August so I rely on the prescription strength of this stuff to keep me smelling nice. 

    • Skinceuticals Sport UV Defense SPF 45 - You can never be too careful in the sun and I like that this stuff goes on thick and is water and humidity proof. I even apply some to my arms, decollate, and arms. 

    • Chantecaille Ultra Sun Protection SPF 50 PA +++ Is it a sunscreen, a primer or both? I like that this helps my makeup stay on longer and helps keep the shine that I normally get in my T-Zone at bay.

    • Fresh Sugar Lip Balm with SPF 15 - an often overlooked area when it comes to sun protection is our lips. Can you imagine how painful sunburned lips would be - I'm cringing just thinking about it! Yet, lip gloss can actually reflect the sun's harmful rays. So baby your lips with some moisturizing lip balm with SPF already built in!  

    • Dry shampoo by Ojon Hair - my hair naturally turns more oily as the temperature gauge shoots North, so to get me through the hump of washing my hair every day I like dry shampoo as an alternate. I only like to wash it every other day because the oils our hair produces is actually good for it. Washing too often can strip the hair of natural oils and make it oilier. I have been known to do the whole baby powder trick, but I could never master it. I would just end up with baby powder everywhere. I feel more mature and refined using this dry shampoo plus it also adds mad volume to my hair - bonus! 

    • Aloe Vera Gel - Sometimes despite our best efforts we still manage to get sun burned. If you do nothing feels better than the instant cooling effect of Aloe Vera (store it in the fridge for added cooling benefits).  

    • Kerastase Masque UV Defense Active- a protecting hair mask that deep conditions. It also helps perserve my hair's color while imparting lasting shine to my strands.  

    • Summer is about having fun and wearing bold, bright colors  Le Metier De Beaute's nail lacquer Wango Tango is the epitome of a chic, yet "fun" color . I think this is an awesome color to wear when sporting your Tory Burch sandals. 

    What is your #1 Summer Essential? 

    Thursday, July 14, 2011

    Rouge Bunny Rouge When The Birds Are Singing Long Lasting Eye Shadow in Delicate Hummingbird Review and Swatches

    This eye shadow is everything you expect from an eye shadow and more. It is gorgeous, blends well, is buttery soft, well pigmented, and lasts all day on your lid. Oh and did I mention how gorgeous this is on? Rouge Bunny Rouge describes this shadow as "cold, dusky sugar-frosted plum, iridescent with pink shimmer" - I couldn't describe it better myself. I love that the company chose the words "delicate" to name this shadow after all this is a fine eye shadow made with an intricate design. This is not my first taste of Rouge Bunny Rouge, I already own Solstice Halcyon reviewed here after owning that I hungered for more Rouge Bunny Rouge.

    Delicate Hummingbird

    A close up of Delicate Hummingbird

    A close up of Delicate Hummingbird in low light with flash

    The design on every Rogue Bunny Rogue shadow 

    The Rouge Bunny Mascot

    From the top left: Delicate Hummingbird, Electrifying Storm-Petrel (to be reviewed later), and Solstice Halcyon

    Delicate Hummingbird swatched heavily three times 

    Purple shadow comparisons

    Purple shadow comparisons
    I may own a lot of purple shadows but nothing that is an exact dupe to Delicate Hummingbird, in other words you need to own this if you consider yourself a fan of purples.

    If you have yet to take the plunge down the rabbit hole, be warned for once you venture down you will not look at eye shadow the same again.

    I'm already putting together another order to Zuneta because I am waiting with bated breath for more of these shadows.

    Retails for $34.12 USD or 21£ and is exclusive to that ships internationally.

    What is your favorite eye shadow color? 

    What's in my purse?

    Louis Vuitton Monogram Speedy 35

    I am a huge Louis Vuitton fan, infact, all my purses are from the French Luxury so it comes as no surprise that my current purse is a Speedy 35. I love Speedies and I own three of them.
    My Purse To Go Organizer Stuffed

    I like to keep my purse well organized at all times and most evenings I go through my purse to throw away receipts, old gum wrappers, and anything else that doesn't really belong in there. One way I stay so organized is with the help of my purse organizer by Purse To Go. The size is not quite right for the Speedy 35. I purchased this while I was still using my old Speedy 30. I need to reorder a new larger one I just keep forgetting to do so (makes a mental note to look into this).

    Inside my purse you will find more Louis Vuitton goodies such as my Louis Vuitton cosmetic case, my  Vuitton key pouch, my Vuitton coin purse, my zippy coin purse, and denim pouch. I also have my trusty iPhone, my Ray Bans, Advil bottle, Mason Pearson hair brush, and a cute little frog that is suppose to bring me good luck with money! As you can tell, I have a "thang" for luxury goods and Hello Kitty!  

    My Multicolor Insolite wallet
    Inside my Insolite wallet - I fell in love with the hot pink! 

    I got my intials heat stamped inside my wallet.
    My Hello Kitty goodies - a pad and pen, along with my iPhone and cell phone charm.
    I guess I'm a little paranoid about bad breath - LOL! 
    My Louis Vuitton Leather Goods (Starting clockwise : My monogram cosmetic case, my vernis key pouch in Bleu Nuit, my monogram coin purse, my denim pouch, my Insolite Multicolored wallet, and my vernis zippy coin purse in amarante. 
    My Denim Pouch holds my key, my car is a push button so I can keep the key in my purse and never have to dig it out. 

    Inside my cosmetic case - lots of Chanel Glossimers, blotting papers, mini mascara, Giorgio Armani lip stick (that I never use), disposable mascara wands good for grooming eye brows, Chanel powder, Bobbi Brown gloss, Nars lip gloss, Kevyn Aucoin lip gloss, and MAC lip liner.
    My Aviator Ray Ban's - the epitome of California cool.

    I hope you enjoyed taking a peak into my purse! I know I love seeing these types of posts and videos when perusing YouTube.

    What purse are you currently using?

    Monday, July 11, 2011

    Le Metier De Beaute Giveaway! Win a Creme Fresh Tint

    As my way of saying "thank you" to all my lovely readers I'll be sponsoring a Le Metier De Beaute giveaway! I feel everyone deserves to have a little luxury known as Le Metier in their life! The prize will be 1 Poppy Creme Fresh Tint!!

    First things first, leave me a comment telling me what your #1 beauty find is (the Brand and item name please) and your email address. If you do not feel comfortable leaving your email address under the comments you can always email me your address at, so I can notify the winner!  

    You can earn a second entry by following me on Google Friends Connect.

    You can earn a third entry by following me on Twitter under Devoted2makeup

    A fourth entry can be earned by retweeting my contest. Make sure to include "@devoted2makeup" in your tweet. Only one tweet will count as your entry.

    A fifth entry can be earned by following my blog on Bloglovin under HopelesslyDevotedtoMakeup

    This contest is open to anyone anywhere, I'll ship internationally (although I'll need your help on what to put on the customs form to ensure it gets to you properly).

    Make sure you email me telling each of the ways you entered and don't forget to include your email adress!

    The deadline is Augst 10th, midnight Pacific Standard Time. On August 11th I will announce the winner using The winner will then have 48 hours to get back to me with their shipping address. Check your junk mail folder too! If I do not hear from the winner within the 48 hour period they will have forfeited the prize and a new winner will be chosen again using

    Again, a HUGE thank you to all my readers for giving me great feedback and for taking the time to read my blog, comment and email me. I appreciate all of you! xoxoxo

    Good Luck! 

    Sunday, July 10, 2011

    Weekly Makeup Mavens Wrapup

    Image credit to

    The Makeup Mavens present makeup you might have missed. Once again we give you a range of products by Chanel, Clinique, Becca, Chantecaille, Nars and By Terry. There's bound to be something to delight your senses!  We even got a look inside one Maven's storage space!

    Neutrals boring? Not with Chanel's Fall Prelude Eye Shadow Quad! Hopelessly Devoted to Makeup gives us a complete look at the palette including EOTD!

    Who says cake stands are just for cakes? Lipstick Luvvies gets creative with a unique makeup storage solution!

    Clinique's Black Honey Brush On Cream Liner is a beautiful shimmering brown. Check it out on Lovesong for My Lipgloss!

    Mookie on the Bench is loving her Becca Beach Tints. With choices from Guava to Watermelon, they're perfect for summer!

    Product Doctor has your prescription for easy, beautiful summer skin with Chantecaille's new Ultra Sun Protection SPF 50 PA+++ Anti-Glycation Primer!

    Is Rasberry Rouge happy about her Nars Happy Days Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil? Read her post to find out!

    Can't decide which luxurious By Terry product to try first? The Black Panties is over the moon about By Terry Ombre Blackstar Color Fix Cream Eye Shadow in Bronze Moon!

    Saturday, July 9, 2011

    NOTD Le Metier De Beaute Midnight Rendezvous Swatches and Review

    Midnight Rendezvous

    From left to right: Chrome Passion, True Romance, Heat of the Night, and Midnight Rendezvous

    The color is photographing black but it leans more deep blue/navy in the proper light

    This color was calling my name. Seriously, this color is so me. I am a sucker for a dark blue polish with sheen. I was so happy to see this particular color included in the insanely bargain collection known as Rock 'n' Romance for Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale ($25.00 for a set of 4 Le Metier De Beaute polishes!). These polishes normally retail for $10.00 each but when you buy the set you are saving $15.00 and getting four incredible colors.

    The application was smooth and I decided I was happy with the coverage after only one coat which is practically unheard of for me (usually I am a two coats of polish type of girl). I cannot attest to the wear time of this polish because to be frank all polishes chip on me within two days anyways. I sort of anticipate it by now, that is why I prefer to buy polishes so I can conveniently do touchup's at home and not feel like I wasted my cash on a manicure.

    Bottom line: Run, don't walk to your Nordstrom's to snatch up these polishes. I'm already contemplating buying another set because I love Midnight Rendezvous so much! Rock on!

    Nordstrom exclusive and limited edition polishes in honor of Nordstrom's Anniversary sale. Retails for $25.00 for a set of four 0.14 fl. oz. of polish.

    Will you be buying Rock 'n' Romance?