Monday, April 11, 2011

Le Metier Beaute's Wango Tango Review

Wango Tango - isn't it adorable?

Size comparison

The brush


Whole Hand

I've really gotten into nail polish lately and have been on a bit of a streak with my polish posts. I'm personally loving the slew of colors available in stores. As you can see from previous posts, I am not one to shy away from color when it comes to my nails. From a bright cobalt blue to hot pink I like brights, now it's time to try orange. Orange is being hailed as the 'it' color of the season and I cannot think of a more appropriate way to usher in the season's hottest trend then with Le Metier De Beaute's 'Wango Tango'. This color is stunning and when gazing at the array of colors in their display case, 'Wango' is a definite attention grabber. I find the color to be vibrant and fun. One thing that jumps out to you and seems to be the main criticize about the polish is the size. The polish is  4ml and is tiny, this is roughly a third of the size of a Chanel polish (which is 13ml). Their lacquers retail for $15.00 vs. Chanel's $25.00. The way I see it is I have never used up an entire bottle of nail polish before it expires. The size of Le Metier and the fact that it is $10.00 cheaper than Chanel, for instance, is fine with me. I understand not every one will agree with me, but I  do think their polishes are a nice treat and I adore the bottle - it is a heavy glass. This brand and formula being compared to other high end brands (Dior, Chanel, etc.) is right on par. The brush as you can see is also very small, so it is a bit awkward to apply the polish. Once I applied it however, I was pleasantly surprised with how easily the color glides onto your fingertips. The color in the bottle was true to how it applied to my nails.

It is worth mentioning that just like Butter London, Metier's nail lacquers are free from formaldehyde, toulene, and Dibutyl Phthlate (DPB) an aspect I really appreciate. The polish glides in easily, and I get the coverage I covet in one coat (something I cannot get out of Chanel) -- which means I use less product.

I give myself manicures at home to save the expense of having someone else do my nails. Being a mom and housewife, I am hard on my nails. I typically find that my nails chip after only three days of wear, so I like to have nail polish on hand for touch-ups. Doing my nails myself helps in justifying the price of certain polishes (a girl has to do what a girl's got to do, right?).

So if you are a fan of orange and want to give an orange polish a whirl, I think you will adore Metier's 'Wango Tango', I know I did!