Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Edward Bess Deep Shine Lip Gloss - French Lace - Swatches and Review

I always feel weird saying anything less than positive about any product, especially one by a brand that I have come to know and love. There I said it - confessions of a beauty blogger. With that being said, I resolved to be objective and point out both the positive and negative in a product, aiming in the hopes that with enough feedback from enough people the appropriate people catch wind and changes can be made turning the negative into a positive.

The product in this review is Edward Bess' Deep Shine Lip Gloss in 'French Lace' - a pale, creamy pink gloss. I was in the market for a more subdued pink as I have plenty of peachy pink glosses and plenty of bubblegum pinks in my arsenal. Toss in a couple of hot pinks and that rounds out my collection. What I do not have is a faint pink gloss. Enter 'French Lace'. It seemed serendipitous that I stumbled upon The Everyday Beauty blog where she just happened to be featuring said lip gloss and I just happened to be needing wanting the exact lip gloss she was describing and by Edward Bess of all people!!! I think I rushed off to the Neiman Marcus website to order before I could even read the rest of her review, I was that excited. I think if I didn't have that darn beauty ADD of mine, I may have just paused enough to read the rest before hitting 'order' on my computer screen. I may have just saved myself $30.00. Oh, who am I kidding? I would have probably still ordered it because I was looking for a reason to order this and then this review practically fell in my lap!

Shown here: three swipes of gloss 

The good about this lip gloss:

  • It's lanolin-free. 
  • The color is really pretty. I do like the fact that I don't already own something in the same family as this color. 
  • The lip gloss smells good as you are hit with his signature fig scent when using this. The smell doesn't last too long, but if you are sensitive to smell heed this as a word of caution.  

The ok about this lip gloss: 
  • The applicator is not my favorite either. My favorite is the doe-footed ones ala Chanel's Rogue Allure's. The sponged tipped applicator is sufficient but considering this is part of a premium cosmetic line I expect something above sufficient. 
The not so good about this lip gloss:
  • It is sticky and I do not like the way it feels on my lips. I want to grab the nearest napkin and rub it off, not what I had in mind when applying this. The lipgloss claims to be hydrating, I disagree -sticky does not equal hydration. 
  • It is rather a pain in the you-know-what to apply. I have read he changed his packaging rather recently and from what I have gathered not all those changes were welcomed. Seeing how this is my first lip gloss from him, I have nothing to compare it too. I can attest to the fact that if he did make the opening to this gloss smaller and make it more of a challenge to get enough gloss to adequately coat your lips, then I would say no dice! Do not think you can swiftly put this on without going unnoticed in public unless you were trying to bring attention to the fact that you are putting on your lip gloss after dipping the applicator several times. 
  • The gloss also claims to have an exclusive treatment (not sure what???) that "ensures fullness" - my lips look the same to me before as after wearing this. 

The lip gloss can be purchased for $30.00 at or You can find it at brick and mortar stores at Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills or in New York City at Bergdorf Goodman's. For those in the UK, you can purchase Edward Bess products through

What is your holy grail lip gloss? Mine is Chanel (Glossimers, Rogue Allure's, etc.)