Monday, July 18, 2011

An Introduction To Le Metier De Beaute's Fall/Winter Releases for 2011

I know when I think of fall I conjure up images of leaves changing colors, pumpkin patches, and  curling up by a fire sipping hot chocolate (brimmed full with marshmallows naturally). Autumn is hands down my favorite time of the year. I adore the cooler temperatures, the warmth of a sweater, and the deeper color palette fall lends itself too. I always look forward to fall cosmetics and this year is no exception. Le Metier was kind enough to give me press images of their spectacular fall/winter releases to share with you my readers! After drooling over these images am I the only one sad that it's not even Labor Day yet? I know I will be first in line to try out some of these what are sure to be sure fire successes at the cosmetic counter.

Starting with the Bordeaux Collection - a collaboration between the makeup geniuses of Le Metier and Neiman Marcus' Fashion Director, Ken Downing (I wonder how many of you are sporting his iconic Kontagious Koral's as I type this?) part 2.  Check out these wine inspired matching lip sticks and nail lacquers each set will cost $49.00.   

Ken Red My Lips (lip stick),  Gypsy Rose Me (nails)

Ken's Wine on the Vine (lip stick), Ken's Bodacious Bordeaux (nail polish) 

I'm Worn This Way (lip stick),  Vintage Ken (nails) 
Shh, if you listen really carefully you will hear all three of those nail lacquers calling my name! These will be available in September. 

Next up is their fall/winter collection slated to hit stores in late August! You can already see that some lucky ladies have had the pleasure of seeing these beauties first hand, such as Perilously Pale , The Black Panties and Messy Wands be sure to check out their blogs for more information.  

The Silk Road Kaleidoscope Eye Kit

The East Meets West Nail Lacquer Collection

The Empress Kaleidoscope Lip Kit 

The suggested retail price for each kaleidoscope is $95.00 and the suggested retail price for nail polishes are $10.00 each. Raise your hand if you are as excited for this collection to hit stores as I am? Now if you excuse me, I'm going to go will the summer away.  

*All images courtesy of Le Metier De Beaute*