Friday, April 1, 2011

March 2011 Favorites

Now that we have all flipped our calendars to "April", I thought I would reflect on some products that I truly got some good mileage out of for the month of March.

One of the products I reach for on a daily basis is my perfume, Flowerbomb by Viktor and Rolf (the dynamic fashion duo from Amsterdam). Now, I do own other perfumes but this is the one I gravitate towards 99% of the time. I love pretty much everything about it from the packaging, to the smell, to the way I feel while wearing it.  I love how whimsical the bottle is, (mimicking a diamond shaped like a  grenade) and the outside matches the splendor of the contents. *Be forewarned that this will most likely appear in my April, May, June, etc. favorites as well* :) This was purchased from Nordstrom's for $105.00.

Viktor and Rolf 'Flowerbomb' Tutu, Limited Edition

I also recently discovered Deborah Lippmann's The Stripper Lavender Nail Lacquer Remover (for $18.00 from This was a dream in getting the chunky glitter of Butter London's "No More Waity, Katie" off my fingers and simultaneously smelled great while doing it (how often can you say a nail polish remover smells good?) thanks to lavender. 

The Stripper

I was blown away with the subtle beauty of Dior's new City Gris in Bond Street ($21.00 found at I didn't realize I was such a fan of blue nails, but apparently I am! This nail polish was inspired from London's famous foggy streets and a touch of urban blue was added for sophistication. I like how they redesigned the brush, making it wider, and how quickly it dried on me. I feel the chances of smearing are diminished when you are dealing with a fast drying nail polish.

'Bond Street'

For the eyes, I like Le Metier De Beaute's Dualistic Eye Pencil in Champagne. It's taupe but not synonymous with boring as many may associate taupe with "blah". I like that their pencils have true staying power and I smudge it along my lash line under their shadows. You can find Le Metier at Neiman Marcus, the pencil costs $36.00.


I wonder what my April favorites will be? Stay tuned!