Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Le Metier De Beaute Crochet Kaleidoscope Review

To delve a little further into my obsession love for all things Le Metier De Beaute I thought I would give you a closer look at their Neiman Marcus online only kaleidoscope, named 'Tunisian Trist'. Once I saw this was finally available to purchase, I did not hesitate. I already possess several of their kaleidoscopes and have yet to be disappointed. I love the way they thoughtfully put colors together and the way they blend so effortlessly into each other creating a gorgeous effect. For me personally, there always seems to be one color I'm a little hesitant about--and in this kaleidoscope it was nutmeg. However, I shouldn't have been worried; once applied with the other colors, it is really a stunning result. I think it is very appropriate for spring and looks very natural (basically your eyes, only better).

Lightly swatched with my finger

These swatches were taken in the direct sunlight, working its way from top to bottom. The last shade on the right is all the colors blended together, or what Le Metier calls couches de couleur (the layering of colors).

Here is a little background information on Le Metier De Beaute, translated to mean "the craft of beauty".  They are a high end luxury brand found in Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, select Nordstroms and online at,, and

Here are some close up pictures of the individual colors. The kaleidoscope contains:
  • Refresh Eye Brightening & Setting Powder
  • Rose Champagne Eye Shadow
  • Nutmeg Eye Shadow
  • Bordeaux Eye Shadow
Eye shadows in the Kaleidoscope in clockwise order

Refresh Eye Brightening and Setting Powder
Rose Champagne



What it looks like once layered all together

At $95.00, I don't take this purchase lightly. I do, however, recognize that one of their shadows sell for $30.00, so if you were to buy each shade individually this kit would normally cost you $120.00. A true savings indeed! That kind of math I can do, no problem.

This kit was designed by genius, Mikey Castillo, Director of makeup for Le Metier and is a limited edition. You know what that means, folks, once it's gone it's...gone!

Bottom line, I love this kit for spring. I like the convenience of having the shades together and the fact that is has a mirror for touchups is a bonus. It's spring and love is in the air!