Saturday, May 21, 2011

Liebster Blog Award

I was fortunate to be bestowed the Liebster Blogger Award from the sweet Nat at Raspberry Rouge. I stumbled upon her blog awhile back and now it is part of my daily routine of reading beauty blogs while sipping my tea as my daughter sleeps. I love longing over the fabulous offerings that she has available to her in the UK.

I love what this award symbolizes. I think there are so many amazing beauty blogs out there that deserve more recognition and praise

The Liebster Award is designed to bring well deserved additional recognition to those bloggers with less than 300 followers. If you receive the award you link back to the blogger that nominated you and nominate 3 more blogs. So my choices are:

Renee-Hearts - she took a break from blogging, but is now back and I for one am so thankful she has returned! She has breathtaking photos -- I drooled over her Le Metier de Beaute features! Plus, she has created an even greater desire for me to own my very own Chanel bag (darn her)!

Makeup Magpie - I'm in awe in the way she can capture an image and her indepth posts are pure pleasure to read. I find her blog to be both informative and eye candy for every makeup junkie out there!

Cute and Mundane - Is a recent discovery for me on the beauty blogging front. Her focus is on great makeup that is cruelty free! As an animal lover, I really commend her for her stance against cruelty.

I hate being limited to just three blogs. I really would love to add more, because I read too many blogs that I feel are deserving of this acknowledgement. Please check out the blogs I just mentioned if you are not already a fan of theirs!

So a big shout out to Nat from all the across the pond "Thank you so much for presenting me this award". 

Edward Bess Storm Eye Shadow

Sumptuous. Luminous. Stunning. These were the first words that came to mind when I first received Edward Bess' 'Storm' (no.7) eye shadow in the mail (have I mentioned how Neiman Marcus' free shipping has been making me do bad, bad things?!?). I had read really positive reviews on this eye shadow ever since it made its debut a couple of months ago. Ever since I spied the first pics and caught wind that Edward Bess had released two new eye shadows ('Storm' and 'Mirage') they both immediately went on my "wish list". I normally do not like to buy makeup sight unseen. Call me chicken and one adverse to buyers remorse, but I made an exception with this shadow and am so happy I did!

With a name like 'Storm' you may be expecting a darker, moodier color. While I did expect a darker color, I am not displeased by this surprise in the slightest. In fact, this may just be my holy grail eye shadow (keep in mind as a woman, I reserve the right to change my mind at any time, hehe). Seriously though, the color is a gorgeous cool-toned light mauvey taupe. I find this color to be universally appealing to most skin tones and eye color.

Calling all taupe lovers! This is a must-have for you! I find the shadow to be so soft and blendable. I have nothing but love for this shadow.

I guess Edward Bess redesigned the packaging with this new-ish shadow. He dropped the square pan with a sponge tipped applicator and the name Edward Bess embossed on the shadow. The newly designed eyeshadow has a sleek "EB" on the outside and a circular pan with no applicator inside. I for one am not a fan of those useless "brushes" so that was a smart move in my mind. I have heard some complaints that ever since Edward Bess switched production from Made in France to Made in Taiwan, that the packaging somewhat possesses a cheaper feel to it. I cannot attest to this as this is my first (but certainly not my last) eye shadow, but I could not find a fault with this eye shadow. I love the staying power and how soft these feel.

Retails for $30.00 and can be found at or be purchased at like mine was.

Final impressions? So glad that I took the plunge and purchased.

Do you own 'Storm' if so, what are your thoughts? What other Edward Bess shadows would you recommend?