Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Isn't this cute?

Here is your obligatory Mother's Day reminder...Mother's  Day is 19 days away (less than three weeks)! We all know the key necklaces that Tiffany has made famous. Well, they've done it again this time with locks. When I spotted this adorable sterling silver necklace in Tiffany's windows my mind immediately thought it would make a perfect Mother's Day gift (seeing how our children hold the key to our hearts), especially when you take into consideration the price, it is a bargain $100.00 for a Tiffany necklace! If you feel like spending a little more dough the same version with rose gold is stunning for $150.00. So whether you are a mom, or you have one it would be sublime! Even if you take mom out of the equation, it would make a pretty fabulous Birthday, Anniversary, or Just Because gift as well!

In Sterling Silver
Sterling Silver with Rose Gold

*Images taken directly from Tiffany's website*