Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Chanel's Rouge Coco Shine 'Boy' Review


'Boy' on swatched hand

'Petit Peche'

'Petit Peche' layered over 'Boy'

'Petit Peche' & 'Boy'


I'm going to say it...I'm not a big fan of Chanel's Rouge Coco Shine lipstick. It's not even a knock against Chanel. I feel like the only beauty blogger who isn't in love. It's just that after the anticipated arrival of the Coco Shines (I know I couldn't wait for them to debut after reading glowing reviews from our UK beauty bloggers who got the release sooner than America) I had a makeup epiphany. It dawned on me after swiping shade after shade on my lips trying in vain to find a color, I liked that it wasn't the admittedly nice array of colors or even the formula. It was the simple fact that it was a lipstick. I'm a gloss girl! I have more glosses than should be allowed and I don't plan on stopping.

I had the same conversation with the nice MA artist at Chanel, who wasn't wearing a Coco Shine lipstick (despite the fact that it is Chanel's newest baby), she was proudly wearing a gloss. She didn't make that admission until I pressed her a little inquiring about the gorgeous shade adorning her lips. I asked her what she thought of the shine's and she basically said they were nice, but just "ok". She and I bonded over the fact that we like love glosses. My poison of choice(?) Chanel Glossimers -  they are to die for!

With the resolute of walking out of Macy's with a new (or 3) Coco Shine lipstick, I eagerly began swatching the shades. I was practically counting down the days until April 6th arrived for their release. Being a mom to a bubbly toddler, it isn't always easy to go makeup shopping with her. I knew I really wanted to take my time at the counter and play around. So it wasn't until the weekend that I could get to a counter (while the hubby entertained said bubbly toddler). When I got there, they were already sold out of about half the colors (the MA did say they were selling like hot cakes). I swiped a couple pinks on my lips and I started feeling like the Goldilocks of lipsticks, one was too bright, another too dark, and another that reminded me too much of Mimi from the Drew Carey show. So I did what any other self proclaiming lipgloss lover would do, I proceeded to the Glossimers where with my swipe of 'Petit Peche' I felt like Goldilocks where it was "just right"!

I fell victim to Facebook's presale of Coco Shine and I ordered 'Boy' sight unseen. I had seen enough reviews to know that I would like the color. It arrived today on my doorstep and this may seem like a surprise but I like it. The color is very pretty and out of all the shades I think this one would suit my coloring the best. I'm just surprised that I didn't go as crazy as I previously thought I would, I'm perfectly content with my one Coco Shine and about two dozen Glossimers (yeah, I like that ratio).