Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Chanel's Lotus Rouge Photos and Swatches

Sometime's you just want to paint the town red.....

'Lotus Rogue' 

I decided to pull a 180 from Chanel's 'Morning Rose' and go with a moodier, sultrier color also known as 'Lotus Rogue' (455). Lotus Rogue may not be the most summer appropriate color there is, but the weather here in Southern California is not acting very summery either so I think we're even.

I realize now after falling twice for lighter warmer colors and hating the results, that my skin color looks best in darker warm colors. A deep burgundy color is set off nicely against my pale skin. I wonder how 'Lotus Rogue' flew under my radar for so long? I'm happy to have this nail polish be part of my stash and I think it will be my go-to color for when I want an in-you-face sexy red! Even my hubby said "Oh, wow!" when he saw my fingernails (it was pretty cute).

'Lotus Rogue' is part of Chanel's permanent collection and retails for $25.00. Neiman Marcus is offering free shipping with code FSMAYthat is good until 5.23.11 a perfect time to pick up a Chanel polish!

A real strawberry to show the similarity in color
Up close view of the nails

I love the contrast between kitties white/gray fur and my dark vampy nails

I think in the bottle this red seems a bit burgundy, while on my fingers it comes off as a true red (especially with two coats for better coverage). Either way, I'm happy with the color and the results. A classic red + classic Chanel = beauty perfection!

Chanel's 'Lotus Rogue' kid tested, hubby approved. ;)

What is your favorite red nail polish?