Thursday, July 14, 2011

Rouge Bunny Rouge When The Birds Are Singing Long Lasting Eye Shadow in Delicate Hummingbird Review and Swatches

This eye shadow is everything you expect from an eye shadow and more. It is gorgeous, blends well, is buttery soft, well pigmented, and lasts all day on your lid. Oh and did I mention how gorgeous this is on? Rouge Bunny Rouge describes this shadow as "cold, dusky sugar-frosted plum, iridescent with pink shimmer" - I couldn't describe it better myself. I love that the company chose the words "delicate" to name this shadow after all this is a fine eye shadow made with an intricate design. This is not my first taste of Rouge Bunny Rouge, I already own Solstice Halcyon reviewed here after owning that I hungered for more Rouge Bunny Rouge.

Delicate Hummingbird

A close up of Delicate Hummingbird

A close up of Delicate Hummingbird in low light with flash

The design on every Rogue Bunny Rogue shadow 

The Rouge Bunny Mascot

From the top left: Delicate Hummingbird, Electrifying Storm-Petrel (to be reviewed later), and Solstice Halcyon

Delicate Hummingbird swatched heavily three times 

Purple shadow comparisons

Purple shadow comparisons
I may own a lot of purple shadows but nothing that is an exact dupe to Delicate Hummingbird, in other words you need to own this if you consider yourself a fan of purples.

If you have yet to take the plunge down the rabbit hole, be warned for once you venture down you will not look at eye shadow the same again.

I'm already putting together another order to Zuneta because I am waiting with bated breath for more of these shadows.

Retails for $34.12 USD or 21£ and is exclusive to that ships internationally.

What is your favorite eye shadow color? 

What's in my purse?

Louis Vuitton Monogram Speedy 35

I am a huge Louis Vuitton fan, infact, all my purses are from the French Luxury so it comes as no surprise that my current purse is a Speedy 35. I love Speedies and I own three of them.
My Purse To Go Organizer Stuffed

I like to keep my purse well organized at all times and most evenings I go through my purse to throw away receipts, old gum wrappers, and anything else that doesn't really belong in there. One way I stay so organized is with the help of my purse organizer by Purse To Go. The size is not quite right for the Speedy 35. I purchased this while I was still using my old Speedy 30. I need to reorder a new larger one I just keep forgetting to do so (makes a mental note to look into this).

Inside my purse you will find more Louis Vuitton goodies such as my Louis Vuitton cosmetic case, my  Vuitton key pouch, my Vuitton coin purse, my zippy coin purse, and denim pouch. I also have my trusty iPhone, my Ray Bans, Advil bottle, Mason Pearson hair brush, and a cute little frog that is suppose to bring me good luck with money! As you can tell, I have a "thang" for luxury goods and Hello Kitty!  

My Multicolor Insolite wallet
Inside my Insolite wallet - I fell in love with the hot pink! 

I got my intials heat stamped inside my wallet.
My Hello Kitty goodies - a pad and pen, along with my iPhone and cell phone charm.
I guess I'm a little paranoid about bad breath - LOL! 
My Louis Vuitton Leather Goods (Starting clockwise : My monogram cosmetic case, my vernis key pouch in Bleu Nuit, my monogram coin purse, my denim pouch, my Insolite Multicolored wallet, and my vernis zippy coin purse in amarante. 
My Denim Pouch holds my key, my car is a push button so I can keep the key in my purse and never have to dig it out. 

Inside my cosmetic case - lots of Chanel Glossimers, blotting papers, mini mascara, Giorgio Armani lip stick (that I never use), disposable mascara wands good for grooming eye brows, Chanel powder, Bobbi Brown gloss, Nars lip gloss, Kevyn Aucoin lip gloss, and MAC lip liner.
My Aviator Ray Ban's - the epitome of California cool.

I hope you enjoyed taking a peak into my purse! I know I love seeing these types of posts and videos when perusing YouTube.

What purse are you currently using?