Friday, May 27, 2011

Sneak Peak

Here is a picture showcasing some of the goodies that I will be reviewing in the next week. I hope this picture whets your appetite! I'm excited to try my first Rouge Bunny Rouge eye shadow, and Becca nail polish sent by the fabulous Jane at Modesty Brown. I am also excited to use my Le Metier De Beaute brushes as they are made from high quality materials.

Have a fabulous extended weekend for all those stateside. To all my international readers have a great weekend! 

Le Metier de Beaute's Midnight Sky Eye Shadow

'Midnight Sky'

Le Metier De Beaute's True Color Eye Shadow in 'Midnight Sky' ($30.00) was not a color I was at all familiar with. While looking on Neiman's website for swatches I skimmed right past it because on the computer screen it looks like a mid-tone brown. Brown it is not. I was encouraged to try this color from the very talented and lovely Kayla known by many loyal Le Metier Twitter followers.

Like me, she has hazel eyes and per her recommendation on colors that she uses, suggested 'Midnight Sky' for me. Already a mega fan of 'Sugar Plum' (that is hands-down my favorite out of all of the Le Metier De Beaute shadows) I was game for it's color cousin.

At first glance, I was very pleased with the color. The color is nothing short of beautiful. One complaint is that it is so similar to 'Sugar Plum', the redundancy is not necessary (especially given the 10's of other colors I am currently lusting after). In fact, I put 'Sugar Plum' on one eye and 'Midnight Sky' on the other and even I could not tell the difference! 'Midnight Sky' is deeper in the pan with black undertones and 'Sugar Plum' is a lighter navy with pink and purple sparkles in it, but on the eye they look painfully similar.

A word of caution when applying this shadow you will definitely want to apply your eye makeup first  and then the rest of your "face", as the fall out from this shadow is immense. I was walking past a row of mirrors today in a home improvement warehouse and noticed the glitter on my cheeks! Eeeks! I must admit, as much as I hate to write anything less than a glowing review for anything Le Metier, this shadow for some odd reason fell flat of my admittedly high expectations. It wasn't very pigmented on the lids and applied chalky and was sandy to the touch as well.

I would say purchase this if you are wanting a deeper navy with shimmer and missed out on Splendid Frost (the holiday 2010 kaleidoscope). I am actually gifting this to my sister who has blue eyes and this really makes her baby blues pop! So sister = 1, my wallet = 0.

'Sugar Plum' is on the left on 'Midnight Sky' is to the right

'Sugar Plum' on the left and again 'Midnight Sky'  is to the right.

'Midnight Sky' on the left and 'Sugar Plum' on the right. This picture best demonstrates the differences but this was with two generous swipes of my finger.  You can see how jerky the 'Midnight Sky' looks here as well. 

For those that own 'Midnight Sky' was this your experience with this shade as well? I wonder if mine was just part of a bad batch?