Friday, May 6, 2011

Custom Le Metier De Beaute Kaleidoscope

Here is my custom baby that I love...

From top to bottom: Jojo, Platinum, Corinthian, and Sequoia. I kept with neutrals and am excited to see all the colors together. I purchased this through Neiman Marcus in store. I had so much fun picking out the colors. It is worth noting that since you are picking pre-made colors this will run you $120.00, not the usual $95.00. I don't know about you but I was definitely willing to pay the extra $25.00 for colors I knew I would love.

From L-R - 'Jojo', 'Platinum', 'Corinthian' & 'Sequoia' in natural light. You can see that 'Sequoia' is more sheer than the other three. Each swatch was done with two passes of my finger with no underlying base.

From L-R - 'Jojo' , 'Platinum', 'Corinthian' &'Sequoia' in the sunlight to show the shimmer
The colors mixed together with 'Tamarack' eye pencil smudged in and 'Aubergine' mascara applied.

What are your must have eye shadow colors?

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Le Metier De Beaute's Le Cirque Kaleidoscope Swatches and Photos

I'm not going to do a full on review on Le Cirque, there are plenty of reviews out there if you want that. I would suggest checking out The Non-Blonde, The Beauty Look Book, or Cafe Makeup for a more indepth review. I simply wanted to show more detailed pics of the kaleidoscopes I own.  

Le Cirque

'Flamboyantes', 'Spectacle', 'Enrichissant', & 'Dynamique' swatched





To sum it up, this kaleidoscope is a lovely combination of colors that will take you through day-to-night.

If you find yourself wanting this kaleidoscope I'm sure the sleuths working at Le Metier could help you locate this beaute. It retails for $95.00. As with all their kaleidoscopes, they are limited edition and sell out rather quickly.