Thursday, May 5, 2011

Le Metier De Beaute's Splendid Frost Kaleidoscope with Up Close Photos and Swatches

Splendid Frost came out just in time for everyone to celebrate the holidays and arrive to those parties looking extra go-od. I think out of the 5 kaleidoscopes I own, Splendid Frost is my favorite for it's shimmer and unique color combinations. I seriously would have splurged on this kaleidoscope for the 'Sugar Plum' color alone. It really is that pretty. The way the shimmer is set off in the sun is really something you need to experience for yourself.
Splendid Frost

'Crystal Ball' - golden brown with flecks of champagne

'Empire' - a matte gray

'Rockette' - coral

'Sugar Plum' - a deep blue with flecks of pink and purple
 The most frustrating thing about trying to photograph these kaleidoscopes is that no matter how good your lighting is (I had full sun), or how good your camera is (it's a decent Canon DSLR), or how talented the photographer is (my hubby has skills!) some things just cannot be captured. I liken it to the most beautiful sunset you have ever seen. You feverishly take pictures trying in vain to capture just how spectacular this event is to review them later and think "ehh, it was prettier in my head." That's because it was! I still wanted to post this pictures (I retook these pics to show how bright and beautiful the coral color really is!) just in case anyone was still contemplating purchasing Splendid Frost for $95.00. It is still available on at Every kaleidoscope comes with a flip top mirror perfect for applying any touch-ups with. 

Smoldering Embarkment Kaleidoscope Swatches and Photos

Smoldering Embarkment was released for Valentine's Day 2010 and was exclusively sold at Bergdorf Goodman. It designed by Dustin Lujan. I just learned that Smoldering Embarkment is no longer available. For those that are a huge fan of his, you will be happy to learn that Dustin will be coming out with a new kaleidoscope coming out in January (yay!).

Now, because I said that I would do individual pictures of the shadows and I hate to go back on my word here they are :

'First Love'

'Love  Struck'

'In Love'


Smoldering Embarkment swatched
 I hope you enjoyed the up-close pics!