Friday, April 22, 2011

Chanel's Pensee Review

'Pensee #277'

I need another lip gloss like I need a hole in my head, but I didn't let that logic stop me. I picked up, the Limited Edition, Pensee (French for pansy) #277 from my local Macy's for $28.50.  I find the color to be striking and I just cannot resist how decadent these glosses feel on the lips (never sticky) and they really do last a long time and make your lips look shiny and full. They do not possess any fragrance, which is a huge bonus in my eyes. I've read several reviews stating that these were sheer Glossimers and that they did not impart much color, I found the opposite to be true for me. These are very well pigmented and add color nicely to my already naturally pigmented lips. Chanel's Glossimers are full of vibrancy and have adequate lasting power. The Summer Collection for me is all around L-O-V-E!!!!


'Pensee' Glossimer

The famous 'CC's'

Did you pick up any of the Glossimers from the Summer Collection, if so which ones?