Sunday, March 27, 2011

My Cosmetic Storage Solution - The Clear Cube

The Clear Cube

I fell in love with the Clear Cube after spotting it on numerous episodes of "Keeping up with the Kardashians". I loved the look of the acrylic and thought it was a great way to show off one's collection while still maintaining a neat appearance. I for one, am a huge fan of packaging. Why would I want to shove all that pretty packaging into a drawer only for it to see the light of day when applying it? I have always strived to keep my collection streamlined and the fact that I can see all my makeup reminds me of all the makeup I already have (a great feature) preventing me from further buying more makeup (wink, wink). I would obsessively watch LisalisaD1's video on YouTube showcasing her Clear Cube and she really deserves the blame credit for helping me decide to bite the bullet and buy one. So with my birthday money in hand last year, I purchased it. Having owned it now for a little over 8 months, it really is true love. The craftsmanship of the Clear Cube is unparalleled; it is very sturdy and well made.  You can clearly see this baby holds a helluva lot of makeup, perfect for me someone...hopelessly devoted to makeup (and loving every moment of it)!

You can purchase the Clear Cube here, and if you have questions, contact Sylva (I've dealt with her twice before; she is super nice and helpful). This retails for $290 plus tax if you are a resident of CA (like me) and/or shipping costs (I live locally and was able to pick it up in person saving me a little $, yay!). The inserts retail for $9.99 a piece and if you like the look of a top handle, add an additional $2.50.  

Here are closeups of the way I've organized my Clear Cube. I opted for two different inserts: the grid and the x-insert. I find the grid is helpful with keeping my nail polishes in order (I know the optimal storage solution for nail polish is to store them upright, so I'm actually looking for a nail polish holder. In the mean time this is how they are stored) and I use the x-insert for my lipglosses.

For all you voyeurs out there (yeah, I'm talking about you) here are closeups of the way I've organized my Clear Cube:

My MAC eye shadows

My Le Metier & Chanel eye shadows along with eye shadow base

More Chanel eye shadows, brow gel, and eye brow stuff

My lipsticks & glosses

My nail polish collection

A view of my vanity