Sunday, May 22, 2011

Edward Bess Luxury Face Brush

My hubby has come to accept the fact that Edward Bess is the other man in my life at the moment, and he is willing to share the spotlight with him. So my "devotion" to all things Edward Bess continues....

Sometimes in a post you just want to write..."I like it. Buy it. I think you will like it too. Period."

This is one of those posts. I will admit my interest was piqued while reading other blogs that began praising Edward Bess' Luxury Face Brush time after time. I didn't need his brush, I had a MAC kabuki brush, but felt like an upgrade was in order (besides my little sis didn't have a kabuki brush of her own, see where I am going with this?) ;) I also figured that many people and esteemed beauty bloggers could not be wrong in liking this product. I  decided to take advantage of Neiman Marcus' free shipping promotion and ordered Edward Bess' Luxury Face Brush for $56.00. Oh, how that free shipping promotion has a way of compelling me and my credit card. For example I will press "order" on lavish, luxury face brushes without proper awareness of what I am doing. *Cough* *cough*.

Edward Bess' presentation is pure class. His items are so sleekly packaged, you feel like you are unwrapping a decadent gift. The brush comes in a box and inside, the brush is enclosed in plastic covering. I read on theeverydaybeauty that the plastic covering can be used to control the bristles and makeup application. I thought that was a good tip to mention and pass along.

Comparison shot of the MAC #182 and Edward Bess' Luxury Face Brush
According to Edward Bess' website, this brush "is  expertly crafted with hand-shaped natural bristles set in sleek weighted metal for superb application." I am so pleased to have added this brush to my arsenal of beauty tools. I particularly like it for adding my current blush to the apples of my cheeks. The brush feels really good in the hands, thanks to the weighted metal and I look forward to using this brush more in the future to and play around to see what other uses I can find for this (I know it will come in handy for powder foundation, blush, bronzer, etc.).

Overall: I give this brush two thumbs up for its softness, for it's versatility, and for its superior quality!

Can be purchased for $56.00 at or In store it is available at Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills, or Bergdorf Goodman.

What is your favorite face brush?