Thursday, April 14, 2011

The worst thing you can say to a beauty blogger

Do you hear that? That is the sound of me weeping after hearing the worst thing you could tell this beauty blogging, self proclaimed cosmetic junkie...

I've been battling rosacea on my cheek area for a little over half a year now. I'm convinced it's rosacea way of welcoming to my 30's, really it's so kind of them to think of me I'm honored (NOT). So here I was sitting in my dermatologists office when what does she say to me? I believe the words were "you need to throw your makeup out, because it is junk."(Well, I never). My mind immediately jumped to my beloved makeup and my coveted Chanel. I wanted to get defensive and say "lady, you don't know what you are talking about". Besides, my makeup is far from being labeled "junk". I would rather not crunch the numbers on how much my collection has cost me thankyouverymuch, so the thought of throwing it away really got to me. When I told my husband what she said (being the optimist that he is) his reply was to embrace it and look at it as an opportunity to buy more makeup! Now normally, that phrase would have made me more giddy than a child on Christmas morn, but this face of mine was more reminiscent of a child who had just been told their dog had died. All I could think of was my well loved and well received La Mer foundation, my Le Metier Romeo and Juliet bronzer duo, and my Soho de Chanel. How could I just toss them in the trash? I just am not fond of being limited to my makeup selection.

I usually adhere to the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" philosophy, but the thing is it is broken. My skin has been freaking out and I often experience bouts of flushing and redness. My skin has never behaved in this manner before, so something I'm doing isn't working. I am in no way pointing the finger at these various cosmetic companies as to the sole reason my rosacea is flaring, and I have no grandiose reason to believe that makeup alone could make my skin behave the way it is. I'm going along with my dermatologists recommendations for now. Aside from switching to makeup that is oil-free, she also set me up with a new skincare regimen, as well as, applying an anti-redness cream to the red patches only, and prescribed an antibiotic. (phew) For now, I'll play by her rules to see what lies ahead. Otherwise, my sister may about to be inheriting some truly awesome makeup. I truly hope that with all those changes I start to see a difference in my skin. How I long for how my skin used to look.

Look for future posts from me chronicling my battle with rosacea, this is one battle I am determined to win! Muhahahaha!

For those of you that experience rosacea, what has worked for you? I would love to have some tips thrown my way. Thanks!