Friday, April 8, 2011

How do you deal with a beauty disappointment?

*Disclaimer: This is not meant to be a nail polish review, but rather my experience with a product disappointment.*

We all have one. The one product that we were suppose to love, but for some reason couldn't muster up the energy to. That one product for me, is Butter London's, Limited Edition, 'No More Waity, Katie', an ode to future princess Kate Middleton. This bottle just fell short of my previous experiences with Butter London (normally, I'm a huge fan). So onto the good (the lack of carcinogens), the bad (the way off color description), and the ugly (the chunky glitter). ...

'No More Waity, Katie'

I wanted to love it, really I did. In theory I should have loved it, but in reality it was a different story. Let's see...lilac? (love) glitter? (love) griege? (who doesn't?) Put them all together and you should have a recipe for true, feeling-it-all-the-way-to-your-toes love, but instead you 'ehh'  -- a take it or leave it bottle of polish. This nail polish is easily the biggest beauty disappointment I've experienced in a long time and at $14.00 a bottle, I realize it could be a lot worse. So I'll cut my loses here, and instead view it as a memento of the royal wedding du jour.

This, friends, is what happens when you order something sight unseen, in the middle of the night bored out of your mind, surfing the Internet trolling for your next beauty fix and getting caught up in the hoopla of royal weddings, limited quantities, and exclusive releases.

As soon as I opened the box disappoint set in, first, the nature of the color was not what they were touting it to be (a beige lavender mix), nor did it resemble the promo pics. In fact, I can find no beige in there for the life of me. Second, they claim this has a 'splash' of glitter, however, it was far too chunky for my liking and looked like something a little girl playing dress up would wear, not a future real-life princess. Thirdly, it took three full coats for it to really evenly show up on my fingers. Despite my initial disappointment the night I received it well over a month ago, it was the last time I touched it. It's now relegated to stay on top of my Clear Cube as if it is mocking me for my haste of jumping on the beauty bandwagon. Lesson learned, do not buy makeup without first testing it, or at least reading reviews on it. I just wished I had picked up Butter London's 'Yummy Mumm' instead.

To sum it up,  'No more waity, Katie' just wasn't what I was expecting. The glitter could have been more subtle and even though the lilac color is pretty, I would opt for Le Metier's 'Lavande' for a far more sophisticated lilac, after all, it was inspired by a Bergdorff Goodman shopping bag - doesn't get more sophisticated than that. Princess or not.

What were your recent beauty disappointments?