Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Chanel's Mimosa


*Please note, I did not enhance these pictures in any way, because I really wanted to show the true nature of just how bright this color is.*

Chanel did not hit the head on the nail with 'Mimosa', I'm afraid. This limited edition Le Vernis nail polish is part of Chanel's 2011 Summer collection.

Only Chanel could get me to don this color - a vibrant lemony yellow. I am not one to shy away from color, but even this is a bit bold for my taste. I had seen this color previewed by other beauty bloggers and I thought the color that transcribed onto my screen seemed more neon that it was in real life. I was happy and relieved it wasn't brighter. I have to be honest, I'm just not feeling this color,  as I type up this review I am distracted from the brightness of Mimosa on my fingertips.

Unlike, Le Metier, Chanel's polishes require more coats and sometimes I fumble and muck it up trying to get even coverage. So was the case tonight with Mimosa. I found it needed 2+ coats (I stopped at 2 due to thickness and didn't feel like starting over) to look evenly applied.

At $25.00 a bottle, I feel this color will only be appreciated by die hard Chanel fans and not the typical woman looking for something "pretty". I was disappointed with how it applied and I felt I just didn't have the attention span to get the optimal finish. Since I do my manicures myself at home, that is all I have to go off of, but I don't doubt for a moment that if you were to go get a professional manicure that you would yield better results.

I feel this color would look stunning against someone with a darker complexion, but I feel my hands have a ruddy tone to it that the yellow just does not compliment. As my sister remarked, "this color does not flatter you." I have to sadly, agree.

I can safely say I don't have another polish similar to this color, though, I have seen other yellow polishes in my local Target for instance. I'm not sure if this color could be easily duped, but I suspect if you are a fan of yellow then it is worth a shot. But if you need those interlocking CC's in your life, this can be purchased from any Chanel counter or online.

Full view of 'Mimosa' 

'Mimosa' compared to a real lemon

Clutching 'Mimosa'

Does Mimosa speak to you at all?