Thursday, April 7, 2011

Le Metier De Beaute's Mulberry

One of my biggest gripes with cosmetics companies is how misleading their swatches on the internet can be. Case in point, Le Metier De Beaute's Mulberry. If you were to look at this color online you would think you were getting a mauve color. The swatch looks nothing like it's true color. With the dawning of the internet and more and more people finding themselves doing online shopping I find it amazing that more cosmetic companies haven't gotten hip to updating their photos to more accurately reflect their colors.

I cannot help but think that this would help to prevent product disappointment. If it weren't for beauty bloggers taking such detailed pictures I wonder if many items would go unpurchased (probably not, but just a thought). With some brands, being so limited, such as Le Metier, it is not always possible to go to the store and see items firsthand. So, I wanted to help by showing you the true color.

Mulberry Eye Shadow

Mulberry is a very pretty bronzy taupe but, please note it is very sheer. It is of satin consistency with subtle sheen that is set off very nicely in the sun. Once I spotted this color, I knew it was suitable for me. The store didn't have a tester (they were out) but that didn't stop me from buying it. The fact that the saleslady (who had similar coloring to me) happened to be wearing it and the fact that she was gorgeous didn't hurt either.

Mulberry captured in the sun 

This swatch was taken with a very heavy hand (about five passes of my finger) just for the color to register. The reason these colors appeal to me is because you can build up the intensity of color to where you feel comfortable. They blend effortlessly and have true staying power. Le Metier's 'True Color' Eye Shadow retails for $30.00 and are 0.13oz. in size.

I know I will be picking up more shades in the future, will you?