Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Chanel Le Vernis Nail Color in Quartz #525 & Graphite #529 Swatches and Review - Pic Heavy!

You can see how Graphite applies thick, especially on my third finger

I do think these photos are deceivingly beautiful and I apologize. I know that I was quick to jump on the Fall Chanel bandwagon with the debut of their three new fall nail colors - Graphite #529, Quartz #525 and Peridot #531(not pictured) - because a) it's Chanel, b) the pictures were stunningly beautiful, and c) I've really fallen in love with polishes now and at most times my nails are covered in some fabulous color.

Some observations on my part: 1) Quartz looks prettier in photos than in real life. 2) Graphite is amazingly difficult to apply and was quick to smudge and smear (double GRR) and 3) for $25.00 the quality in these polishes seems to be lacking.

Quartz is pretty but after removing my Orly Rage polish highlighted here I was disappointed that Quartz wasn't "more", especially when comparing it to a $4.50 bottle of drugstore polish. I think it falls a little flat and is underwhelming it's an okay shade of smoky quartz. It did apply pretty well with two coats so I'll add extra points for that. Also, this color looks much more impressive out in the direct sun (not my office where I'm typing up my critique).

Graphite is appropriately named after the mineral and has iridescent flecks in it which makes it unique. In the sun, I definitely see some gold in it which is gorgeous. Graphite is a beaute no matter what angle you see it in, it especially glistens in the sunlight, however, what it has going for it in the looks department could not make up for its poor formula and a stubborn application. Frankly, after paying $25.00 for a high-end polish I expect more. I expect the color to last longer, the application to be smoother, and for the colors to really wow me. I think sometimes pictures can be deceiving. I would have to chalk that up to these polishes in this instance. I was romanticized with the Chanel hype and that was why I acquired  these polishes.

Can be purchased for $25.00USD from or I believe the collection is hitting stores (Neiman's, Nordstroms, Saks, Bloomingdales) this week if it hasn't already.

Bottom line: These polishes are just a "like" for me, no love found here.

*Edit* I wanted to give an update on the Graphite polish. After discussing the polish with others on Twitter and hearing their experiences with the polish I was urged to remove the polish and try it once again. I removed the polish and started all over again, and I am so happy that I did! Using the polish a second time was like applying a new polish! It wasn't clumpy and applied evenly. I don't know why it was so different but I am so pleased that this is more than just a pretty polish. So I hope I didn't turn off people from trying this polish because perhaps I was too haste in my review.