Saturday, May 7, 2011

Trish McEvoy's Luxury Leather Planner in 'Cappucino'

Trish McEvoy Luxury Planner

"Be still my beating heart!"

It was as if my head could not comprehend what it was seeing leopard + makeup organization + Trish McEvoy? "Yes", "yes", and more "yes"! I spotted this beauty well over a year and a half ago, but was only able to appreciate her from afar. I was so on board with this planner perched proudly up on the shelf of the Trish McEvoy counter that I was already sold before the SA could place her in my hands. When I asked to see it and saw that it was red inside it was beyond perfection (leopard print and red together, you need to stop). Then, I saw the price, it was a whopping $400.00 and limited edition so I paused right there and sadly handed it back to the kind sales associate. Well, that happened 18 months ago and every time I strolled through that same Bloomingdale's cosmetic section I would see the planner and feel giddy inside knowing it was still there. It was as if it waiting it were waiting for the day we could be reunited. Then, one day I was there and the planner wasn't. I knew that it had only meant that some other lucky lady was enjoying my the planner. Still, every time I would pass a Trish McEvoy counter I would keep my eyes peeled, hoping to spot another planner, but I didn't. I was resolved to know that the planner was limited edition and just was not fated to be mine.

It wasn't until Mother's Day rolled around that I dreamed of owning that leopard planner. I diligently did my research online but could not yield any results. It was as if all the Trish McEvoy planners had been pulled off the market? Was this a cruel joke? I  slyly pointed my husband in the right direction and let him do the rest. Being the worlds greatest husband and daddy he was able to track one down and get it for me!!! After all what do you buy the beauty blogging mother of your child if not the epitome of cosmetic elegance?!? I like to think that the planner I have now resting comfortably in my bedroom, is the same planner I lovingly clutched 18 months prior. I suppose it was fate all along!

Calf hair and red leather lining

Planner with removable pouch for all those Trish McEvoy goodies!

This planner was tracked down at Saks Fifth Avenue in Palm Desert, CA. I want to thank my hubby, baby, and the lovely sales associates at Trish McEvoy that helped locate this planner. I will be sure to treasure this for years to come.

Happy Mother's Day to all the unselfish mom's who tirelessly do the best we can - I salute you!