Monday, March 28, 2011

My nail polish storage solution

Nail Storage

With my baby toddler sleeping peacefully and armed with Chamomile tea, I am ready to do some blogging; hope you all are enjoying your Monday....

In a way, this could be considered part two of my cosmetic storage post. Organization is an area I think we all could strive to be better at and our cosmetic's area should be no exception. It was, ironically, pointed out to me that I should not store my nail polishes sideways by my husband of all people (how he knew that I would seriously like to know). I was previously storing them on their side in my Clear Cube (see my previous post here), so off I went in search of more appropriate storage.

I saw this nail polish organizer at The Container Store and quickly snatched it up as it was the last one in the whole store (serendipity, I tell ya)! It retails for $5.99. According to the woman helping me, it was the only organizer in the store directly marketed for polishes. As a result, these things sell out quickly.

As you can see, it conforms well to my Chanel, Deborah Lippmann, and Dior brand nail polishes. Please note, this does not hold the OPI, Essie, Butter London, or Le Metier De Beaute nail polishes because this is solely for cubed nail polishes. I'm a bit disappointed that it does not accomodate the Butter London polishes as I have a couple different ones. I think this is a nifty solution to an otherwise odd storage problem. I do still have nine nail polishes left in the lurch, so this hasn't solved my nail polish storage quandry completely, but it is a good start. How do you all store your nail polishes? I'd love some more suggestions!