Thursday, June 23, 2011

Burberry's Kabuki Brush

I've had this kabuki brush in my possession for a little under two weeks now and I must say that I haven't gotten much use out of it. There is nothing wrong with it, it's just that I already own two other kabuki brushes and tend to reach for those more often. I own MAC's #182 Buffer Brush ($47.00) along with Edward Bess Luxury Face Brush ($56.00).

Again high praise from Burberry in terms of presentation and quality. I love the cute, little velvet pouch with the long string attached to carry it around in. I also like that the bristles feel smooth and soft against my skin. The hairs are composed of pony and goat hair and are not at all scratchy. You can tell the hair is of high quality, something you expect with a name that bears 'Burberry'.

My one complaint is I just don't like the way it feels once in my hand. I would prefer something with more weight to it, more substance in the base.

One thing I am puzzled by is why they would not pack enough hairs into the base to leave it from having a gap when you pull the hairs tight. I suppose with the design having a square versus round base is partly to blame. In the end, I think having the gaps leaves it feeling cheaper than it really is, something I find to be unfortunate.

I don't regret this purchase because honestly, between bronzer, loose powder, and setting powder, I'll get mileage out of all three of my kabuki's no problem.

So the search continues for my holy grail kabuki brush.......I think I'll *have* to cave at some point and splurge on Le Metier's $85.00 kabuki brush - in the name of research of course!

The box and velveteen pouch with drawstring

Here you can see the "gap"