Saturday, May 14, 2011

Le Metier De Beaute's Kaleidoscope Penelope


I unwittingly have been on a Le Metier De Beaute bandwagon lately, mainly due to the fact that it makes up the largest bulk of my makeup collection. I just received Le Metier's 'Penelope' yesterday after being fortunate to win her in a contest. I was so excited to show her off to you guys that I've yet to do much beyond take pictures and do swatches. I was having a bit of an off day today and didn't apply any makeup at all. I will be going into Beverly Hills tomorrow and I look forward to seeing the effect that 'Penelope' gives once applied to the eyes. I need to take her out for a proper spin on the town. 

'Penelope' is part of le Metier De Beaute's Spring/Summer 2011 collection. The whole collection was inspired by the Mediterranean. Colors from top-to-bottom are: Blonde Amber (a warm gold), Pale Satin Amethyst (a cool iced-lavender), Bronze Topaz (a warm tinged gold), and the stellar Black Emerald (a cool forest green). The end results is indescribably depending on if you layer from top-to-bottom (like in the picture) or bottom-to-top or any combo in-between.

I feel as if 'Penelope' was designed for me. I have hazel eyes and like to bring out the "green-ness" of my eyes, so I naturally gravitate towards colors that will facilitate this like golds and purples.

Le Metier takes great pride in the finely-quartered milled eye shadows that are greatly pigmented and blendable. The beauty lies in how you can build the colors up for dramatic effect or layer a single color for a more natural, simple eye. When you layer the colors, ala, "couches de couleur" the color does not get lost amongst the mix, but instead creates a stunningly beautiful effect. I like that this concept is for even the most makeup-challenged. I also appreciate that you can use one brush dipped into all four colors and not have to worry about which brush is good for a specific area on the eye. This is not only a time saver but a money saver as well (Le Metier's crease brush retails for $45.00).   

'Penelope' is beginning to trickle into stores and retails for $95.00.

Blonde Amber - inspired by the sandy beaches

Pale Satin Amethyst - reflective of the sun during dusk

Bronze Topaz - the sun at sunset

Black Emerald - inspired by the jewel tone of the ocean

Finger Swatches - All swatches done with one swipe of the finger except for Black Emerald, which was done with two (because the first time a) it was a bad swipe and b) the color was more sheer when compare to the other colors

'Penelope' on fingertips used to demonstrate how pigmented these colors really are! 

All Le Metier De Beaute's kaleidoscope have a flip top mirror

Penelope Label

*None of the photos were enhanced to show the true nature of these colors*

Will you be purchasing 'Penelope'? 


  1. I bought one! Can't wait.. Lucky you won the contest.. I had no idea there was one lol..

  2. awesome pics! can't wait to see this one you!

  3. Beautiful! How lucky that you won a contest and for an item that suits you so well! I would want to see Penelope in person before buying. The Blonde Amber seems like it would be too warm, and all colors combined look like a reddened brown, which would also be death to my pink skin and blue-grey-green eyes. But I sure wish I could buy that gorgeous Bronze Topaz shade on its own! I look forward to reading about your impressions wearing it, and I always look forward to all your LMdB posts, since I have virtually none of that brand. Yet.

  4. It's stunning and I can't wait till mine arrives- should be this coming Monday. Wow, congrats on winning this!

  5. Amethyst is gorgeous! I couldn't bare paying the price though, haha

  6. That is stunning, I really hope Le Metier returns to the UK soon as they are bringing out so much stuff I want x

  7. I've never tried this brand before but read really good things about it.. These shades look beautiful!