Monday, May 16, 2011

Chanel's Morning Rose Photos and Swatches

'Morning Rose (#557)' 

 I initially passed on, Morning Rose dubbing it as a "boring pink" polish instead opting for the much-hyped "it" color of the season, Mimosa was a bit prejudiced on my part. I am just happy to have been able to right a beauty wrong and exchange the polish for a more compatible color for my skin tone (thanks to the generous return policy of Nordstrom's) or so I thought.

The more I thought about Mimosa sitting in my nail polish holder going unused (with the exception of the one time I wore and posted pics) really unsettled me. I knew I would probably never wear that color again and yet I will admit there was some pleasure in knowing I had the "it" color for the Summer of 2011. I think it was that satisfaction that blinded me to the fact that a) I was not a fan of the formula, and b) the color was unsuited for my ruddy undertones, and c) at $25.00, it was an expensive lesson to learn. The more I read blogs singing the praises of Morning Rose, the more gutted I began to feel. I decided to try and see if Nordstrom even had any Morning Rose left in stock - they did, only two left! I asked about exchanging my Mimosa and they were very gracious and understanding. I hate to normally exchange things, but I really did not find much to like in Mimosa, and I knew it would go unused for here on out. I was jubilated to exchange it for a polish that more matched me and my personality.

Morning Rose is a pink polish with flecks of gold that add a sparkle taking it from "boring" to "intriguing". That extra "something" is what sets it apart and making it hard to dupe.   

When Chanel is on point they are unstoppable, and Morning Rose was no exception. The formula was right on. It was a relief after suffering disappointment with how thick Mimosa applied and my faith with Chanel had been renewed. I easily got a thin, even coat with Morning Rose but went for two coats to have more color deposit. I encountered no bubbles or thickness with application, yay!

The only drawback I can see is that the pinkness of Morning Rose brings out the ruddiness in my hands (here we go again), something I am not crazy about. I personally, think I look best in darker nail polishes, duly noted. This isn't a knock against Morning Rose, as far as delivery I was pleasantly surprised. I just feel I may have hit two strikes with Chanel's Summer nail polishes due to my skin tone and I'm not eager for a third strike with Beige Petale.

I hope you can see the gold flecks that lie in 'Morning Rose' - it really is pretty.

'Morning Rose' on my fingers

I'm afraid 'Morning Rose' is not compatible with my coloring

What is your go-to polish for summer?

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