Monday, May 9, 2011

Edward Bess Compact Rouge for Lips and Cheeks in 'Love Affair'

'Love Affair'

Edward Bess was a brand that I was completely unfamiliar with, that was until I became an avid beauty blog reader. I'm not sure if I should thank those or curse those for introducing me to this high-end luxury brand. Oh, what the heck I kind of like you guys so...thanks! Take it from me, once you take the plunge, his products can be very addicting.

It isn't hard to see why this beauty brand is on the receiving end of so many glowing reviews. With its sleek packaging, and well-streamed no-nonsense line these products deliver beautiful results.

I've had Edward Bess' compact rogue in 'Love Affair' for months now, and realized I never did a proper review on it.  First, let's start with the packaging. Like all of Chanel's powdered products, Edward Bess products too come in a velvet pouch. Along with the compact is the cutest mirror which comes in handy for touch-ups of the blush, or a quick swipe of gloss. Next, is the color. I love pink. I want to sing it from the mountaintops I love pink makeup so much. So naturally, I am drawn to the fushia "pinkness" of 'Love Affair'. I dab a little on my cheeks, blend and the color payoff is terrific. Finally, the staying power of these things are great. I've yet to try this during the hot summer months in Los Angeles were you feel like you are melting if you remain outside an air-conditioned building longer than 2.5 seconds. I can tell you, however, that during the winter months this rogue didn't budge.

Unfortunately, my skin is experiencing a freak out with rosacea so I've been put on an oil-in-makeup ban (strict orders from the derm.)! This rogue does contain castor seed oil (a no-no for my skin) so as I type this, this little gem sits in my beauty drawer. I've noticed a HUGE improvement in my skin over the last 4 weeks, that I hate to tempt the gods and apply this now for fear I would experience the wrath of the rosacea gods (something nobody wants).

Although I'm taking a hiatus (hopefully a short one) from this product, it doesn't taint me from highly recommending it to others. Personally, I think cream blushes look more natural and deliver more believable results than powdered blushes. Also, with all of Edward Bess' rogue's they were meant to add color to both the cheeks and lips, they are not too sticky and possess a light fruity (I really cannot put my finger on what it is exactly) smell. The smell is subtle and I quite like it, but thought it was worth noting for those that maybe sensitive to smell.

Retails for $38.00, can be found at Bergdorf Goodman in-store and on-line, in-store at Neiman Marcus Beverly Hills and on-line, or

Swatch taken with two swipes of my finger.

Are you an Edward Bess fan?    


  1. That's a shame about it irritating your rosacea. It's certainly a gorgeous color. Thanks for the temptation x

  2. Gorgeous! I keep hearing about Edward Bess... hopefully his products will be sold in Canada soon!!

  3. MM, it is so pretty and it is a shame that I am not able to use it at the moment. I hope to change that soon.

    Tasha, I'm sure the fine people at EB are working on making their products available to Canada as well. They are high-quality products for sure.

  4. this is gorgeous. I am going to need this in my life eventually, but dont have any EB yet :)

  5. Christina, I'm sure you will have some Edward in your life soon.

  6. Wild figs! The smell is wild figs. Isn't it wonderful? I'm sorry to hear about your rosacea flareup. I control mine exclusively with diet, which means I can put any old product on my face. No topical meds, either. :) At least you can wear Love Affair on your lips while you baby your skin. Great review, and I really enjoy your blog.

  7. Oh my gosh, figs - I would have never guessed! Yes, it is beyond wonderful. Thank you for solving that conundrum. :) Zuzu, how are you controlling rosacea through diet? I would love to hear more about this. I'm glad you are enjoying my blog, I'm enjoying yours too!

  8. Looks just lovely! It's too bad you can't use it again yet.

    I think you have an Edward Bess obsession!

  9. Vintage, I hope that changes soon! I do like me some Edward Bess - hehe.