Saturday, May 14, 2011

EOTD: Le Metier De Beaute's Penelope

Here are two quick pics of me wearing Penelope Kaleidoscope ($95.00), one with the eyes open and another with my eyes closed to show the gradient of the colors.

I had fun using this kaleidoscope and here is one way that I wore the eyeshadow today:

Black Emerald was used as a liner at the lash line, Blonde Amber was used over the entire lid, while Pale Satin Amythest was used on the lower lid, Bronze Topaz was blended into the crease. I did not use Le Metier De Beaute's "couches de couleur" layering concept for this look. I thought it was nice to show a different way to wear this beautiful kaleidoscope of colors that was more appropriate for day time.

Other products that I used to achieve this eye look include - Le Metier De Beaute's Brow Bound Eyebrow Pencil ($36.00) in 'Fawn', and Le Metier's Anamorphic Lash Mascara ($34.00) in 'Aubergine'.

*All products can be purchased online or in-store at Neiman Marcus, and online or in select Nordstroms.*      


  1. Beautiful look! It really brings out your lovely eyes. What brushes did you use to do this look?

  2. SO pretty! I love your eyebrow shape!

  3. Such gorgeous colors on you! You have really pretty eyes, and I agree with Blushing Noir that your brows are absolutely perfect. Did you use something special in the inner corners? It looks really luminous there.

  4. Makeup, I used Le Metier De Beaute's crease brush. I really like it.
    Blushing, you have no idea how big of a compliment that is, since I am obsessed with eyebrows!
    Zuzu, the only thing I put under my eyes is La Mer's concealer, there is no other shadow on my eyes other than Penelope. Thank you for complimenting me on my eyebrows, I rather obsess over them.
    Thanks for commenting, ladies!

  5. Thats such a pretty look, the liner works so well with your eye colour x

  6. Gorgeous look! Black Emerald looks lovely used as a liner and I agree with BlushingNoir and Zuzu on your brows, they really are perfect! x

  7. Aww I'm so flattered you all like my eyebrows! Nat, Black Emerald is great as a shadow or liner. The Bronze Topaz color is my favorite though, such a beautiful neutral shadow.