Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Le Metier De Beaute's Kaleidoscope Comparison Swatches - Reds

It was requested that I take detailed pictures to show the difference of each shadow. So as promised, here are the more detailed pics displaying the comparisons between various kaleidoscopes. It is a beautiful, sunny day here in Southern California, so the beauty Gods were on my side and I was able to  take these. *Please note - these pictures were taken outside in the direct light to reflect the gorgeous sparkle each shadow possesses, these photos were not altered in any way.*

Le Metier De Beaute's reds

Overall, these colors could fall under the 'red' category but they each possess different undertones. 'Alexandrite' has purple undertones, 'Enrichissant' has goldish brown, 'Bordeaux' has more of a brick red, while 'In Love' has more orange-y undertones.

'Alexandrite' is available as a single color for $30.00 and is part of their permanent line.

'Enrichissant' is from their Le Cirque kaleidoscope that came out in the Fall of 2010.

'Bordeaux' is also part of their permanent collection and can be purchased for either $30.00 or is part of their 'Tunisian Trist' kaleidoscope (exclusive to Bergdrof's or Neiman's online only).

'In Love' is part of their 'Smoldering Embarkment' kaleidoscope. Although each shade is similar, they are all different in their own right. Overall, I love how richly pigmented each shadow is and how nicely they blend together. It is also worth mentioning that these shadows have true staying power (you can get a full's day wear out of these babies). You really do get what you pay for with Le Metier. Christa, I hope this helps you out!  :)

This shows how pigmented they are

What colors are your favorite from Le Metier?   


  1. BEAUTIFUL!!! Thank you! This is a huge help to me and I'm sure many others ;-)