Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Chanel's Pink Peony Lip Gloss Review

'Pink Peony' 

When you look at my stash you can clearly see, that I'm a sucker for a pink lipgloss and no one does a lip gloss better than Chanel in my opinion. I'm allergic to lanolin, which is featured in some cosmetic line's lip glosses which can be limiting. Thankfully, Chanel has omitted lanolin from their lip products (yay!). I picked up two of the three lip glosses, for $28.50 each, featured in their summer line, Pensee (#277) reviewed here and Pink Peony (#267). I decided to pass on Aurore (#287) because it just looked like it would add sparkle to my lips, but not color. I really need to be picky when it comes to lip glosses because I find some are so easily dupable.

Pink Peony, although very pretty and sparkly in the tube, is a tad bit misleading. I purposely did not enhance these photos because I wanted to show the true nature of just how sheer this lip gloss really is. I'm a little disappointed that the color isn't as strong on the lips as it is in the tube. It still is a very pretty and I still will use it up till it is gone. I think layered over a lipstick it would be the perfect compliment.

By now, I have everything that I want from the Chanel Summer Collection. Overall, I give this collection, two enthusiastic thumbs up! I hope you enjoyed my reviews on the collection. I had a lot of fun buying everything and reviewing it.

Here you can compare 'Pensee' (on top) and 'Pink Peony' (on bottom) in the tube.

Swatches of 'Pensee' (towards the bottom of the image) and 'Pink Peony' (top of the image)

'Pink Peony' on lips
As you can see from the picture of the swatches, these two Glossimers are incredibly close in color (or lack thereof). I feel this is for the die-hard Chanel fan's out there (and we all know there are plenty to speak of) that will pick up one, two, or all three.

You can now enjoy free complimentary shipping from http://www.chanel.com with offer code : 0411SHINE (expires 5.31.11, not valid on orders placed to Hawaii, Alaska, PO Boxes, or APO/FPO addresses). Now, go shop your socks off!



  1. Ack! I passed on this and went for two Rouge Coco shines (Monte Carlo and Romance) but you have me lemming these two colors!

    Did you get the either of the bronzers? I am on the fence.... I sort of fancy the rose one but then the new Dior one looks AMAZING!

    What's a girl to do??

    x jeanie

  2. Hi Jeanie, I too bought a Coco Shine, more out of curiosity than anything. I'm definitely a gloss girl. I looove a good gloss and no one beats Chanel imho! I did pick up the Chanel Rose bronzer, I did a review on it but at the time I didn't do swatches because the lighting was horrible (no sun in So. Cal. of all places!). I really like the Chanel bronzer, being so pale I don't really do bronzers a whole lot. I haven't seen the Dior's in person, but like I said I'm not a big bronzer person so I'll pass on it anyways. Thanks for reading my blog, I really appreciate it!

  3. Would you recommend using lip liner at all? Does lip liner help keep color longer? If so--could you please create a post showing lip color with and without lip liner?

  4. @Dawn, Yes, lip liner is good for longer, lasting lip color. Here are some tips for achieving longer lip color: first, start off with smooth lips (you can take a baby toothbrush with soft bristles and rub it gently on your lips), then apply lip liner. Third, blot your lips on a kleenex, and lastly apply your lipstick. I hope you find these tips helpful!